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Our Team

The Beggining of Yorkies Ranch

All started about 15 year ago when I had my first yorkie. My son had just left to the university and I was feeling so lonely. I decided to get myself a companion that’s when I got my first yorkie. I don’t have to say how much happiness my little Nena brought to my life. I fell in love with her and her breed. That was the beginning of my adventure!

 I couldn’t stop having only one yorkie I had to have more.  It  became natural for me to start breeding my dogs to give other people the joy I had having such a wonderful companions.

Increasing Our Selection !!

Once I moved to Utah I wanted to continue breeding my yorkies but I couldn’t find a male with the characteristics and quality that I wanted, so I turned my eyes to the beautiful dogs from Europe.

During all these years I was only producing the traditional look, black and tan. Once I saw all the colors that were been produced in Europe I had to turn my eyes to exotic and rare colors.

I started with biewer and then chocolate, chocolate parti, and bitter chocolate with no tan on the face. I saw the beauty of merle and all the different colors and unique markings and I learned about blue and chocolate merles. After that I discover blueberries, blackberries, chocoberries and those beautiful eyes that were yellow, green, hazel, blue, etc.

Following that goldust, extreme blacks, and brindle.. I had to have them all!

After acquiring all these different colors and moving 3 times (to bigger properties for the sake and comfort of my dogs), I ended up with a multiple colored yorkies on a 10 acre property.

But the work didn’t finish here, this was just the beginning!,

I had all these yorkies and how fun it was and is to play with all these different colors, alongside of producing healthy and well temper puppies .

This is been amazing adventure, I still work with the traditional look yorkies but the different colored yorkies are just amazing.

Origins of our European Colored Yorkies and Registrations.

Most of our dogs are imported from different countries in Europe, and all my dogs are register with the registration that they originally came with like: DHZ, IHR, UCI, RKF, UKA, PFK. Most of them with diplomas and championships from shows and  all of them with genealogical trees of at least 5 generations. 

The dogs are also register with an american club APRI 

Genetics and DNA testing.

Overall traditional yorkies are consider pure yorkies, that is they have not traces of other breeds (have to add that Yorkshire terriers are also created by humans like most breeds).

 All the other colors have some other breeds included multiple generations ago to produce different colors like for example:

parti or beiwer will have DNA of Yorkshire Terrier and Beiwer on them.

 All the other colors will have in addition to Yorkshire terrier and or Beiwer other breeds in smaller percentages that were added to produce those colors several generations ago (that was done in Europe not by me) and that can be traced by doing DNA testing.

Introducing DNA testing to Yorkies Ranch. EMBARK

DNA testing and genetics at the level we are going now is  a new learning experience. 

Genetics and DNA testing is an amazing world relatively new to us but never less fascinating!.

It will be several generations before these new colors are accepted by  AKC,  even dough they have been in competitions and won championships in clubs all over Europe.( In Europe DNA testing is not required only the registration and genealogical trees are accepted).

Yorkies Ranch has most of its dogs imported from Europe, and the look, quality, color, temper, and health are outstanding.


All of our parents are DNA tested to ensure that our puppies are not just gorgeous but also healthy and have nice temperament.

We produce puppies that range from 1½ lbs  to 20 lbs full grown. We are expecting with Embark’s information to be able to predict the adult size of our puppies more accurately and have most if not all the colors there is by selecting the parents according to

Embark recommendations..

Our puppies!!

They are well socialized with other puppies, adults small and x-large dogs, cats, children and adults.

We keep our puppies intact that means we do not dock tails or declaw, as that is in most countries against the law (consider mutilation), it’s extremely painful and  puts the puppies at risk for infection.

We sell our puppies as pet only, but registration can be sold separately.

Yorkies Ranch offers a 1 year life guarantee against congenital and genetic diseases, if the puppy dies due to this reason we will replace the puppy with another with the same characteristics or the same price at no cost, upon you showing the veterinarian diagnosis.

The puppies come with a health certificate from a physical exam, (blood test can be done at expense of the client).

Resources to help our clients

Yorkies Ranch also has a Facebook page that has an educational purpose, which is to educate and inform our clients about health, nutrition, training, natural medicine, raw feeding, and many tips to help with the everyday challenges that pet owners might have. You can find the link at the bottom left of the website’s home page.

 In there you can also see videos of the parents and the puppies from birth until they go to their new families. You can also see our reviews and actually contact our previous clients to ask them about their experience with Yorkies Ranch.

We offer a long term help with any additional problems that might arise. Our clients are more than welcome to reach to us for help on any topics related to our puppies we are happy to answer their questions and help with any problems they might have.

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